Millions feeling the pressure of living costs, you could be entitled to financial help

There is an estimated £13b worth of benefits sitting unclaimed in the UK. Millions of people are missing out on money that could protect them from further money struggles, and vitally, debt.

This article briefs over the gains you could be eligible for so you can develop an understanding of the help on hand. We have support available to make progress in making the cost-of-living crises more realistically manageable.


Advantages for you?

Simply, benefits are payments paid out monthly by the government to people who meet a specific need criterion, are on a low income, or are unemployed. A term is also known as welfare.

Designed to provide a safety net of extra income to help people to cover housing expenses, bills, costs to raise children, those retired, caring for somebody, long-term disability, or illness. The last option is if you earn below a particular threshold.


Benefits UK based are calculated against your salary, or not impacted by this based on the amount you’re eligible for on your personal situation. It can be more or less, the sum can vary, or your benefits can be completely stopped if your situation changes within this time.


How can I check my entitlement?

Finding out how much you’re eligible for isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

The UK government created a site for online benefits calculating tool. Assisting you in finding what benefits you can get, how to go about claiming, and the ways which your benefits may be affected if your situation alters as time goes along; here

It’s free to use and completely anonymous so, even if you are just assessing your options, you can relax safe knowing there is no pressure to decide or claim straight away. You pay nothing, your anonymity is kept, you can safely research, ask questions and speak to advisors with no pressure to decide. Claiming is a personal choice, which is why we have all the relevant information on hand for you.


How to claim

If you are eligible, you might be wondering how to claim and what additional resources you might need to support your claim. But don’t worry, the process is quite straightforward.

If entitled to benefits, you may be questioning, how do I claim, and what extra resources are needed to help your claim be processed? No concern is necessary as it’s a simple and logical process.

Step number one means filling in your form online, in person or over the phone if need be. The important thing to be aware of is that different benefits have different application processes, you should think about which benefit you make a claim for, before making a start on the application.

In many cases, you’ll be required to give extra documentation to support your claim, it’ll ask for your identity, income, and savings.

The amount of time it takes to process your claim can vary by case, usually, by average, you tend to receive your first payment if your financial situation is urgent. It will be analysed on a basis on its own, it should be repaid later on.

Is there any other help available?

In the UK, there’s a lot of financial help and support on hand to people that are not eligible for benefits or whose benefits don’t cover the expenses on their own.

You can receive support for this for housing payments. An example of this; you could be entitled for Council Tax Reduction, a Cold Weather Payment, or Disabled Facilities Grant.


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