Key Information

J3 Debt Solutions Limited has an indirect referral agreement for their services if you choose to go ahead with a Trust Deed or Sequestration with our preferred partner. There is no charge for our service and J3 Debt Solutions Limited will not charge you any fee’s. If you choose to go ahead with a Trust Deed then J3 Debt Solutions Limited will complete a no obligation referral and pass a completed fact find, supporting documents and information to our qualified and preferred Trustee who will then contact you and prepare you for the next steps, complete your advice and legal paperwork ready for you to sign your Trust Deed.

The Fee’s in your Trust Deed charged by your Trustee will be disclosed to you before you sign. All fees and outlays incurred during the administration of your trust deed are met from the realisations made from your income contributions and/or assets and are exempt from VAT. Your Trustee will provide further information regarding their fees and the work they are required to do before you agree to proceed with a trust deed. The illustration below details the fees and outlays that may be involved in the administration of a trust deed. You will not be charged a separate amount for entering a Trust Deed. All fees payable are met as a cost of your Trust Deed and taken from the monthly payments you are asked to make.

Typical Trustee fees:

The structure of your Trustee’s fee is determined by the legislation which governs Trust Deeds. The fee will consist of:

  1. A fixed fee, typically £2,500 for a 4 year Trust Deed.
  2. An additional fee based upon a percentage of the total assets & contributions realised by the Trustee, typically set at 20%.
  3. Outlays incurred after the date the Trust Deed was signed.

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