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  • *Please note, entering into a debt solution can affect your credit rating for at least 72 months, fees may be payable if ongoing services are provided. A follow up call will be required to confirm details outlined in your enquiry, at which point we will be able to discuss which solutions you qualify for.

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    Here are some real life examples of how a debt solution could work.

    Payday loans, store cards

    Adam was £32,000 in debt


    Current Monthly Payments


    Payment Reduction


    New Monthly Payments

    Overdraft, credit cards, loans

    Andrea was
    £13,000 in debt


    Current Monthly Payments


    Payment Reduction


    New Monthly Payments

    HMRC, council tax, loans

    Clare was
    £32,000 In debt


    Current Monthly Payments


    Payment Reduction


    New Monthly Payments

    These are real examples but outcomes of a debt solution and the monthly repayments vary based on individual circumstances.

    Debts that are covered

    Helpline 0141 846 2608

    Benefit overpayment

    Catalogue, store & credit cards

    Court judgements

    HMRC debt & council tax arrears

    Loans & overdrafts

    Rent, gas & electricity