4 money saving perks you could have without knowing about

Here at Scottish Debt Help, we’re always looking for ways to save money so we can share them with you to help you to keep your costs down and make the most of your money.

We all know that there aren’t many things better than a discount, but we’ve uncovered a few perks you could already have but aren’t using to their full potential or you might not even know you have.

Here are five of the best and how you can use them.

Legal protection

Solicitors are expensive. We all know this. If there has ever been a time in your life when you thought you could benefit from a solicitor’s advice but were put off by their fees, this could be of interest.

Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) is designed to protect your rights if something goes wrong for you and your family.

It’ll cover the cost of your solicitor’s fees for issues like unfair dismissal or workplace discrimination. Personal injury and faulty goods disputes are covered too.

Some policies will even cover the cost of an accountant if you face an HMRC investigation – this only applies if you’re an employee, though, it doesn’t cover sole traders or people who own their own companies.

LEI can often come free within home insurance, particularly if it’s premium cover – but not many people know this. It’s definitely worth having a look at your insurance policy to see if you’re covered and how much for.

What’s more, if you do have this in your policy, it covers everyone who lives at the insured address – with the exception of lodgers and guests. For each civil dispute, it’ll usually pay out between £50,000 & £100,000 directly to the solicitors.

LEI doesn’t cover criminal, divorce or child maintenance cases, or anything that was already ongoing before the policy was taken out. You could also find that your choice of solicitor is limited by the fees the insurer is willing to pay.

Cover will also come with access to a free legal advice line, so you can check your rights. And, if your claim is approved your legal bills will be paid upfront, so you could take up a case you might have been unable to afford otherwise.

If you need to pay extra to add LEI to your policy, it’s usually around £25 a year. Make sure you read the small print if you sign up, so you know when you’ll be covered.

Medical Services

Income protection insurance policies cover you in times of hardship – to make sure that you have enough money to keep food on the table and pay your bills and rent or mortgage if you’re suddenly unable to work. Critical illness insurance pays out a lump sump if you’re diagnosed as critically ill.

The thing that many people don’t realise about these kinds of policies, though, is that they often come with a variety of free health and wellbeing benefits built in as standard. They don’t cost a penny to extra and can give you access to mental health support, physiotherapy and 24/7 remote GP consultations.

They’ll often also cover your partner and children as well – and there’s no limit to how many times you can access these services or how long consultations can last.

Furthermore, these services are usually available to all customers and using them won’t affect your cover.

If you already have an income protection policy but you’re not sure if you have additional services as part of it, ask your insurer and they’ll be able to tell you what you’ve got.

Work Perks

A lot of workplaces will have retail discount schemes to help employees to save money on everyday expenses. Coronavirus has meant we’ve been unable to take advantage of restaurant deals, but there are some discounts that can make a real difference – especially if your income is reduced by having been furloughed.

Some staff benefits schemes include energy supplier discounts, a cycle to work scheme, valuable support for employees with mental health, loneliness and debt issues, and even childcare vouchers.

To find out if your employer has any such scheme in place, just get in touch with your HR department.

Breakdown benefits

Many breakdown cover providers supply extra benefits as part of their cover.

The AA, for example, offers 25% off English Heritage membership, 10% off at Halfords and free eye tests at Vision Express – this also includes discounts on prescription glasses and a free three-month supply of disposable contact lenses.

What’s more, Green Flag have declared that during the pandemic, they’ll attend the car of any NHS employee, whether they’re a member or not.

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