21 Easy ways to make money

21 ways to make money

We’re always looking out for ways we can help people to avoid needing debt help, so whether it’s money making tips, ways to save more money, or tips to help boost your credit rating, we’ll always post things on our blog that we think could help our readers to improve their situations without needing help with their debts from anyone else. So, with this in mind…

Check out our tips on how to make extra money and pocket extra cash this year, with Scottish Debt Help’s top tips for making extra cash.

If you want to make money quickly and easily, then there are all sorts of ways you can do it if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work.

Our top tips include various ways to make extra money, from ways you can earn cash online, to ways you can make money by using your house or money you have already.

Making money online

As we all know, it’s more usual for internet shopping to help us to part with our hard-earned cash than it is for the internet to make us money, but here are a few ways you can turn the tide.

  1. Sell your unwanted stuff on eBay

This one might seem a bit obvious – everyone’s heard of eBay. But, even here at Scottish Debt Help, we’re guilty of leaving our unwanted stuff to rot, at times, rather than making it make us some money.

If you’re going to eBay, set up PayPal, it’s the preferred method of payment and offers buyers and sellers peace of mind regarding the safety of their money.

Be aware of eBay and PayPal’s fees, though, they can sometimes eat into any profit you make.

  1. Sell – with smaller fees – on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers you the opportunity to sell your unwanted things for free. Sometimes it can take a while, and it will try to encourage you to ‘boost’ your item, so it’s seen by more people, but in essence, if you don’t ‘boost’, it’s free of charge.

Gumtree and Preloved are worth mentioning too.

  1. Share your views with online surveys

There are a variety of research companies that pay small amounts to people who complete their surveys online. Literally all you need to do is answer questions.

Panelbase, Valued Opinions and Toluna are among the bigger companies and will usually pay you between 50p and £5 per survey, depending on its length and the time it takes to complete.

Some are quite long, but… free money.

  1. Sell your photos online

This one perhaps takes a bit more effort, and even a bit of skill, but you could earn some money from it.

Shutterstock, Alamy and 123RF all pay photographers who’ve uploaded content to their sites when their photos are downloaded by users.

  1. Share your skills

Again, you have to have a skill to make this work. And it has to be a skill other people will pay for, but if, for example, you’ve got a penchant for DIY, you could make money on Taskrabbit – the site connects people who need odd jobs doing with people who can do them.

Or, if your skills are more digital or you can write copy, why not try Fiverr or Fivesquids to offer your skills to those who need them?

  1. Review Music

A site called Slicethepie will give you the opportunity to review unsigned artists and get paid for it.

You’ll get paid based on the quality of your review and there’s no limit to the number of artists you can review. For any music fans out there, this one could be fun as well as make you some extra money.

  1. Rent out your things

If you don’t want to sell stuff you don’t use much anymore, you could try renting it out to people who need it but don’t want to buy their own.

Sites like RentNotBuy and Fatllama will let you connect with people who might rent your stuff. Cars, evening dresses and tools are some of the most commonly rented things on these sites and you can set how long and how much you’ll lend them for.

You can even rent out your driveway on various parking sites.

  1. Sell unwanted gift cards

If you have no family members who’ll buy gift cards for shops you never go to from you, then sites like Card Yard can connect you with people who will buy them from you.

Make free money

When times are hard, – which, let’s face it, they have been for loads of us over the past year or so – it can be difficult to make your budget work. But there are ways that you can make a little extra cash without needing to sell your things or spend anything to start with.

  1. Turn on cashback on your debit card

The majority of the big banks and building societies offer cashback schemes that pay (in some cases) as much as 15% when you spend with your debit card, either online or instore.

Halifax have Cashback Extras, Santander’s is called Retailer Offers, Lloyds’ is Everyday Extras, HSBC and First Direct have Visa Offers and Nationwide’s is Simply Rewards.

All the offers are tailored to your individual spending habits, but you’ll need to activate them yourself as they aren’t automatically applied to your card. They’re usually activated easily online or in your banking app. Just select the offers you want and then earn money when you use your card.

  1. Refer a friend

There are loads of companies out there with refer-a-friend schemes that can earn you money.

There’s a website called refermehappy that lists all the deals out there and acts as a social network, giving you the chance to connect with people who might want your referral offers and vice versa.

  1. Enter competitions

There are sites you can sign up to that will give you lists of all the latest online competitions you can enter. Try Magic Freebies and Latest Free Stuff and get entering some.

  1. Get paid to be online

If you spend a lot of time browsing the net, then you could get paid just to click on ads, visit certain sites and open emails. Take a look at Qmee and Inboxpounds to see how they can make you money from your time online.

Qmee pays you for searching, it works through a browser extension and you bank money until you want to cash out.

  1. Become a product tester

If you like the sound of getting paid to test new products, this one could be for you. You can test pretty much anything, from food to the latest tech… and get paid for giving your opinion.

Rewards will usually come in the form of cash payments or gift vouchers and you’ll usually be told in advance how much you’ll get.

There are a few sites you can use to start doing this, one of which is Paid Product Testing.

  1. Use phone apps that make you money

There are myriad apps you can use to make yourself money – the more you use them, the more you make. Some of these can be found in this Which? article.

  1. Use cashback websites when you shop

You can get cashback for things you were going to buy anyway by using sites like Quidco and TopCashback.

  1. Make your receipts make you money

The above-mentioned cashback sites also offer apps (ClickSnap from Quidco and Snap & Save from TopCashback) that will pay you for buying particular items on your food shop.

All you need to do is upload pictures of your receipts to the app and get paid for your food shop.

  1. Give mystery shopping a go

Mystery shopping gets you paid for things you already enjoy doing.

Mystery shoppers are often used to test supermarkets, retailers, restaurants, and hotels. If you register with Mystery Shoppers and Market Force you can see what assignments are available that you could get involved in.

Make money from your house

There are plenty of opportunities to use your house to make you some extra cash.

  1. Rent your spare room

The government will actually let you earn up to £7,500 a year tax free by renting your room to a lodger using their Rent-a-Room scheme.

You can register your spare room for free on sites like Easyroommate or Spareroom.

You’ll need your room to be furnished and you’ll need to make sure you put a tenancy agreement in place.

  1. Use Airbnb

If you want to make money from renting your room, but don’t want to actually live with someone full time, you can rent your room out to travelers on Airbnb.

  1. Advertise on your car

If you don’t mind driving around with a logo on your bonnet or a full wrap on your car, you can make money by advertising on it.

You can literally make hundreds of pounds a month using websites like Carquids.

  1. Rent your spare room for storage

If you’ve got empty space, be it a loft or a bedroom, you could make money from people who need short term storage.

Storemates puts you in touch with people who are in the market for a room to rent to store their stuff. You can register for free, but the site will take a 15% cut off your monthly rent.

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